Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Fat

Those of you who know me know that I lost 30 pounds last spring.  Well, it seems I gained about 12 of those pounds back.  And not in my boobs, or ass (where I really need it).  Yeah, the Food Baby has come home.

I was blaming it on my herniated disc and the fact that I can't go exercise without being incapacitated for a couple of days (like I really use my gym membership, heh).  However, I believe the "serving" of wine (read: serving = bottle) I've been having on a regular basis has welcomed the FB back into my life.

Eating:  overrated

I figure if I cut out breakfast, and lunch, I will solve this problem.

You can't go home again, it seems.  Unless you are my Food Baby. 


  1. bwahahaha! the food baby! i forgot about that!
    so glad you're back...

  2. Girl, I hear you. I can't wait til this house bullshit is over with so I can get back to the gym.

  3. Thanky Gregor. I'm sorry the Food Baby is back, though. He sucks.