Friday, September 2, 2011

I Hate Beer

Celebratory work lunch today, in which I invited the one person who works with me and The Boyfriend (because he put up with so much shit during this project we are celebrating being over with, like me being crankier than usual and working every morning during our last vacation).  No one wanted to drink because I wasn't.  That is something that has never, ever stopped me before.  What.Ever.

Anyway, at lunch, The Boyfriend was telling Co-Worker about working on earning his 200-beer-plate from Flying Saucer.  I think he is up to about 60 different beers, and probably earned about 1/2 those points this week alone.  He started looking at all the different beers on the list, and throwing out some of the really good names.  I fucking HATE beer.  But I'd totally drink a beer called "Cheeky Monkey" simply because I love monkeys.  Monkeys throw their shit at people.  Most days, I really wish I could do the same.

The Boyfriend got about halfway down the list, said, "Here's a good one...The Old Spotted Hen," and then looked at me.  I'm not amused, since he calls me "Chicken." (Please, please don't ask.  I am so tired of explaining it to people and the story is boring as hell anyway.)

I am, I suppose, OLD.  If you can call a 43 year old who still gets carded "old."  AND I suppose the "spotted" part was some reference to age spots, none of which I happen to have.  If I thought he was serious, I would have jabbed him with a fork but I know he loves me and that is his way of showing it, so I let it pass.  After I pointed out the fact that he is older than I am.

Co-Worker and I are like night and day.  So of course, she loves beer.  This stupid beer discussion goes on for like 10 minutes and ADD person that I am, I zone out.  Until I hear her tell us that her husband likes to eat when he drinks.

Me:  "I like to...DRINK when I drink."

Which is what The Boyfriend said at exactly the same time I did.  The last part, I mean.  He totally gets me.

By the way, I fucking failed miserably with that whole "I'm quitting the booze and smokes before vacation" shit I posted about.  I'm now quitting the day we leave for vacation.  Should be really pleasant for everyone involved.  That's what The Boyfriend gets for calling me "old."  And "spotted."

Happy Labor Day/Eating and Drinking and NOT Working Weekend all!

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